2015 Panamericano (Pan America) Kudo Cup24 Sep. 2015

The trip to the capital of Chile, Santiago is planned for October 29 - November 6. The trip schedule includes the seminar on October 31 + belt promotion test, and [ 2015 Panamericano (Pan America) Kudo Cup ]  on November 1. It is expected that many athletes from South America countries together with fighters from America (the participant from Canada is being negotiated) will take part, which will make the number of participating countries around 10. This tournament will have place days before 2015 All Japan Absolute Weight Division and Junior Division Tournament, therefore the participance from Japan was under the question*1.The organizing director of Kudo South America Federation, Rafael Garay (Chile) *2 has invited Grand Master Azuma to make an appeal to South American countries and increase the number of tournament and grading test participants. Grand Master accepted the invitation. The accompanying members and the details of the trip will be given later.

 *1 Rafael Garay (Chile), branch-chief , former dean of the faculty of economics in Chile Central University, economy analyst, one of the directors in Investment consulting company, economy commentator for CNN Chile. At the same time he is very fond of Budo, very modest and at the same time very passionate about idea that only Budo can save the world now, in the times when common sense and moral descend not only in Chile, but in the whole world. He is a real "samurai", intelligent and educated in science and martial arts.

*2 the organizing side has requested 1-2 fighters from Japan to participate in order to make a broader appeal. However, facing the upcoming 2nd Kudo World Cup *3 scheduled for Mexico, it was decided not to send Japanese athletes for the tournament.

*3 Initially KWC was planned for Australia, but the conditions has changed and the venue had to be rescheduled. Mexico has suggested to host KWC and the decision was made by top directors without calling a management meeting.

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