Grand Master's Biography

Takashi Azuma

jukuchoHead director of International Kudo Advisory committee.
Head director of International/All Japan Kudo Federation
Founder/Grand master of Daido Juku.

9th-dan Kudo, 3rd-dan Judo

Based on the belief that [keeping on training the mind and body aside from all ideology is the way for strike-based martial arts to gain acceptance in society], Master Azuma leads by example through direct instruction in the dojo.


Born in Kesennuma city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan.
Enrols in Waseda University’s night courses with a major in English literature.
Enrols in the Kyokushinkaikan’s headquarters. Further ranks 6th at the First World Full Contact Karate Open Championships and 4th at the 2nd World Full Contact Karate Open Championships.
While at the time it would have been usual to retire as an athlete and focus only on a Branch Chief role, keeps both hats and goes on to win the 9th All-Japan Full Contact Karate Open Championships.
Proposes and advocates Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate) based on realism, safety, and appeal to the audience. Founds Daido Juku in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.
With the nationwide expansion of Daido Juku, moves headquarters to Tokyo.
Holds the first international seminar in Vladivostok, Russia. This marks the starting point of Daido Juku’s worldwide expansion.
Following the worldwide recognition of Daido Juku, introduces the more accomplished, comprehensive martial arts/budo Kudo. The First World Kudo Championship takes place the same year.
At a ranking examination, is elevated to the rank of 9th dan, the highest rank in Kudo.

Last updated:  Mar. 2014