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The 3rd Kudo Seminar in United kingdom13 Nov. 2010

jukuchoTo whom it may concerned

Detail of [ the seminar of Judges and promotion test for Branch chiefs and fighters ] for Kudo branches in Europe.
1) Date:
Nov 27th
11:00-13.30 / [Seminar for fighters and examinees Kihon-Idou-fighting techs]
14.00-16.30 / [Promotion test-Kumite (Except Competitors) and seminar for Judges]
Nov 28th
11.00-16.30 [and kumite Event and awards from Grand Master Azuma Takashi]
2) Hotel : We recommend these hotels below:
a) Please send inquiry to sensei-anas@kudouk.com
3) Gymnasium/Dojo: Herschel Sports Centre
Whitby Road, Slough, SL1 3BW t:01753 526506
4) Application:The tournament application form should be arrive until on 24th Nov 2010 !!!


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Notification for structural changes within Ukraine Kudo Federation(notice-2)10 Nov. 2010

This is to inform that we have received information through the Sri Lankan Representative Shihan J.M.Mohideen that his former student Imthizar Muinudeen ( who holds a Black shodan) now working in Saudi Arabia in one of the major Airports has been conducting Martial arts classes under the Kudo Daido Juku banner without approval from the Kudo Daido Juku World HQ - Japan. Although he was requested Shihan Mohideen to get the said approval, Imthizar Muinudeen ignored it. Finally he even started a group in the Face Book using the Name Kudo or Daido Juku or both.

Thefore the KIF HQ have decided to remove Imthizar from the KIF list of black belts list and also from the KIF membership.

Further we announce that we are not reponsible for any actions taken by Mr. Imthizar Muinudeen using the word Kudo, Daido Juku or Kudo Daido Juku. Also Imthizar is warned not to use any banners, logos or any other materials registered by The KIF HQ - Japan or any of its affiliates.

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Notification for structural changes within Ukraine Kudo Federation(notice-1)9 Nov. 2010

KIF Headquarter officially informs that Kiev branch of Ukraine Kudo Federation, represented by branch-chief Alexander Korzh (Ukraina, Kiev, Oboloni,Severnaya st. 46, 2nd floor Sport club "Bagira" tel. 050-5569-55-49), decided to abandon its National Federation and its membership in KIF. Their declaration and explanation from Ukraine Kudo Federation were considered by KIF management and the following was decided.

KIF Headquarter officially declares that from now on Kiev branch of Ukraine Kudo Federation is not a member of UKF and KIF. It can not represent Kudo Daido Juku and bear any relation with it. Its practitioners can not participate in any activities including seminars and competitions, organized and supported by KIF. Any use of words "Kudo", "Daido Juku" or symbols registered by KIF on the basis of International Copyright Law is prohibited and will be pursued by legal actions. Membership of branch leaders Alexander Korzh, Alla Korzh, and Vadim Birin in KIF Black Belt Register is eliminated, which makes their Kudo black belt holder rights invalid, and they are not allowed to administer any promotion belt tests for Kudo Daido Juku.

New branch-chief for Kiev district will be appointed n short according the rules of Ukraine Kudo Federation.

Japanese[PDF 66KB]    russian[PDF 100KB]

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Available:Information for Up coming[The 1st Europe Kudo Exchange Matches 2010]4 Jul. 2010

Seminar and The 1st Europe Kudo Exchange Matches 2010
Gymnasium/Dojo TREBUR-ASTHEIM (Frankfurt Germany)
Reference Mobile F01602994091

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