2015 Hokutoki All Japan Weight Division Tournament & All Japan Kudo Senior tournament8 Apr. 2015

Now PrintingPublic corporation All Japan Kudo Federation (Head Director Azuma Takashi) has decided to conduct 2015 Hokutoki All Japan weight division tournament on May 5, at Aoba Stadium in Sendai city.
This tournament will become the next step towards 2018 Hokutoki 5th World Championship. There will be new entries challenging the right to represent Japan.
The senior class 2015 All Japan Senior tournament, where divisions divided upon formula weight+height-age, will take place on the same day. One of the philosophies of Kudo states that event in his 50s or 60s a man can practice Kudo, so we can expect straight-out fights in this class. Also there will be a demonstration of applied Kudo self-defense techniques given by branch-chiefs, which is worth watching by itself.

[Tournament overview] 
2015 Hokutoki All Japan Weight Division Tournament
2015 All Japan Kudo Senior tournament
Date: 2015, May 5
Venue: Sendai city Aoba Stadium (Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city)
Organizer: All Japan Kudo Federation Daido-juku Headquarters and regional branches

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